Behind the Scenes of Greg’s Going to Rehab, an ‘80s metalhead’s coming-of-age story filming now in St. Charles

Behind the scenes photo from the filming of Greg’s Going to Rehab by Laura Tucker

As I arrived on set at St. Charles High School for the filming of a new movie being shot right here in our midwestern city, I was quickly made aware of the areas I should and shouldn’t be standing, at least for the moment. It can change pretty quickly. Between the actual movie set and the interviews being conducted by local news outlet KSDK 5, I could easily find myself in the way.

But the crew was incredibly friendly, generously offering assistance. The official behind-the-scenes photographer, Larry Bommarito (aka @Sekondtry to the Instagram community) was happy to show me around.

While the story takes place in Kansas, the production crews from both St. Louis-based Mercury Films and Continuity have teamed up to put Midwestern movie-making on the map here at home.

Directed by Chris Lawing, we find ourselves taking a few steps back to a time when boys wore big hair and makeup and you wouldn’t dare confront them about it. The movie is a coming-of-age film set in the ’80s and this school cafeteria proved to be the perfect retro backdrop.

Shooting for 17 days in June, they can be found on the picturesque campus of Lindenwood University in St. Charles for the majority of the scenes. Producer Kyle Montgomery from Continuity explains a little about the connection to Lindenwood’s Cinema Arts department and how the beautiful campus makes for a perfect makeshift rehab facility.

Mercury Films’ synopsis of the movie reads:

“In the film, Greg Walker is a sixteen-year-old metalhead on a mission to see the concert of a lifetime—Ozzy/Metallica. But his failing grades, disappointed parents, excessive partying, and an angry senior could derail that plan. The solution? A quick stint in rehab so he can dodge the senior, get his parents off his back, and get out in time for the show.”

Playing the lead character, Greg, is Cameron Mann. Mann played Ryan Ross in the 2021 HBO mini-series Mare of Easttown alongside Kate Winslet among his other roles. I shared a car ride with sweet L.A. native Saylor Bell Curda, who plays Timmi in the film. We chatted about the infamous Missouri humidity. It was a bit more forgiving than usual today, but I’m sure she will get a good taste of it while on location. She is likely best known for her role as Maddox on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Walker. Both of the young stars were extremely personable, introducing themselves to me with a smile or handshake.

The lunch lady named Yeargin is played by Dot Marie Jones, who many will recognize from her role as Coach Shannon Beiste in the wildly popular TV musical series Glee from 2009-2015.

While there won’t be singing and dancing on this set, with a well-crafted soundtrack, any self-respecting ’80s metalhead will be drawn to this film, for both the music and the nostalgia. The release date and where it can be watched will all be determined at a later date. Get the latest updates by keeping an eye on | Laura Tucker

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