Concert review: Catbite w/ Fight Back Mountain and the Centaurettes | 11.16.22, Off Broadway (with photo gallery)

Local favorites Fight Back Mountain and the Centaurettes opened the evening. Fight Back Mountain started the night on a high note and the crowd wasn’t just standing around. Over a half dozen songs that were both appeasing to the ears but also had infectious vocals and music to really start the night off on the right foot, literally. There wasn’t a stagnant body start to finish, which isn’t always the case.

Next up, the Centaurettes added to the energy with just a bassist and guitarist in the band that didn’t lack for the absence of more members. The beautiful punk vocals of lead singer and bassist Bia Maldonado were also blended with an R&B harmony underneath that was exceptionally unique. Guitarist Derek Hibbard added this punk/grunge scream mix that was so satisfying. The favorite moment of most shows are the interactivity between artist and fans and this didn’t disappoint. A poem turned spoken word anthem “$10 on Pump 13” was a moment of connectivity as Hibbard went into the crowd ensuring we all shared the struggle.

Catbite hails from Philadelphia but it didn’t feel like it. The crowd was enamored with them and it felt very much like a show in a living room and we were all a part of the entertainment. Coming out to “Here Comes the Hotstepper” and meshing ska with punk, rock, even a cover of alt hit “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees—Catbite had Off Broadway wrapped around like a ball of yarn and clawing for more. The energy felt like a basement show or a rave, and one spectators will continue to talk about for weeks to come. | Diane Ruff

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