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Ever wondered about that Chinese takeout place in the strip mall? Or wanted to know if the new restaurant getting all the writeups was worth the hype? Eat Me in St. Louis is a podcast giving you a real person’s take on new and notable restaurants in the St. Louis area. Hosts Nick Main, Travis Randolph, and Francie Futterman pick a place, dine in secret, and then compare their meals, experiences and more. Subscribe in your favorite podcast app and follow them on Instagram and Threads for all the delicious details and food pics.

In this episode:

Nick and Travis go to Chesterfield to try what could very well be the best Indian restaurant in the region, but not without whining about driving an extra ten minutes. 

Black Salt (1709 Clarkson Rd.) is an upscale, Indian restaurant with both classic recipes and new dishes inspired by modern cuisine from around the world. Co-owners Raj Pandey and Sanjiv Shekhar and chef Madan Chhetri have created a menu full of beautiful plates and cocktails.

Show notes:

00:00 Intro

01:37 Black Salt Overview

03:21 Yelp Reviews

07:23 Fiona’s Hot Sauce Ad Break

08:39 The Experience (and The Food)

26:52 Wrap it Up

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