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About this week’s artist:

Describing Brothers Lazaroff and the music they play is no easy task.  Shapeshifting through endless configurations…4-7 piece Rock band, 8-11 piece Jazz band, World Music Orchestra, stripped-down roots combo…floating across genres playing their catalog of original songs with a family of some of St. Louis’ finest musicians.

“A mix of influences that’s hard to label except as pure Brothers Lazaroff” is how Matt Sorrell from Alive Magazine explains it. “The most eclectic and versatile band in town” is what Steve Pick writes in St. Louis Sound: An Illustrated Timeline. Either way, describing Brothers Lazaroff and the music they play is no easy task.

As Daniel Hill, Music Editor at the Riverfront Times notes, “Since 2009 David and Jeff Lazaroff have been writing and releasing some of the most interesting and eclectic music in the city, pulling from a wide range of inspirations — from Americana to psych-rock to jazz to world music, and everything in between — to consistently bring energetic and memorable sounds to the streets of St. Louis.”

Whether playing thrilling rock ’n’ roll on a festival stage or the intimate confines of a listening room, Brothers Lazaroff mine their catalog of eight full-length albums to craft an experience and labor to give back as much energy as their loyal base of fans gives to them.

It’s no hyperbole to say nobody does what Brothers Lazaroff do.


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