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This episode features Frankie DoWop performing “Atomic.”

About this week’s artist:

Raised by musicians, Frankie DoWop comes from a musical home and family. This classically trained dancer, who has experience in musical theatre and Vaudeville, has been influenced by various sounds and performance styles. She mixes classic soul and funk with her love of the stage to produce a sound and live show distinctively Frankie DoWop.

Frankie started singing background for her late brother’s funk/soul band, Big Brother Thunder & The Masterblasters, in 2013. After his passing, she diversified her resume doing the same for a variety of performing acts, landing gigs from LouFest, SXSW, and opening for artists such as Ashanti and STL’s very own, Nelly. Frankie has played all over her home city of Saint Louis, and various other cities in the US. In 2019, she emerged from the background to the forefront, releasing singles “Rollin’ Round” (2019), “Hard to Kill” (2019), and “Forever and a Day” (2020) to well-received fanfare.

Frankie has gone on to perform for some of STL’s biggest festivals like Grove Fest and Cinco De Mayo, and in reputable local venues like The Dark Room. Her next studio release features Grammy Award-winning bassist MonoNeon, and will release early summer 2023.

For funky sounds take a listen or watch the video for “Hard To Kill,” Frankie’s power anthem and second studio release, also produced by Blake Symphony. Frankie’s last studio release is a heartfelt, soulful track produced by legendary artist Damon Davis, and features her late brother Andrew Franklin on bass. This track was a posthumous collaboration, and is a love letter to memories, people, and love that transcend time and space. Live footage of Frankie can be found on her Instagram profile, which is open to the public.

What is the song about?

Atomic” is about the kind of love interest that catches you off guard. The kind that comes when you’re not looking, maybe aren’t even ready, and knocks you off your block. And like all my songs [it] was inspired by my actual life. Someone who came into my life at a very unexpected time, who I shared very explosive chemistry with. The track was produced by a long-time producer and friend of mine named Blake Symphony, and is one of many collaborations between the two of us.

What led you to creating music in the first place?

Music has always been a centerpiece in my life. Although my entertainment journey started in dance, my family was a musical one. Musicians on one side, singers on the other. And while there’s lots that led up to me being here now, the biggest catalyst was my brother Andrew Franklin. Drew, as most people called him, was a multi-disciplined musician himself, maybe most known for his contribution to STL live music, and his band Big Brother Thunder and The Masterblasters. He was the first person to really take my voice seriously, giving me background singing gigs, and even having to take the lead a time or two. In fact, it was singing lead for a packed-out show with his band (and a hug from him mid set because he was so excited that I was killing it) that let me know I could do this. After his untimely passing in 2016, something in me just clicked. And NOT doing music was no longer an option. I needed to keep performing. I needed to keep this part of my family alive. I feel it deep in my soul. I enjoy it deep in my soul. And I can’t imagine a life without it. “Music is the healing force.”

Are you in a band? What makes it unique?

My band, is called Frankie DoWop & The Thundacats! Why The Thundacats? Because I’m Big Brother Thunder’s little sister! [laughs] We are unique because we are currently one of the only Funk/Groove bands in St. Louis and, the only one led by a woman! Our sound is unique because we represent a different manifestation of Funk. Because while us Funk artists all share similar inspirations, my experiences and the way I soaked them up are unique to me, and can’t be replicated. “People may do what you do, but they’ll never do it LIKE you cuz there’s only ONE YOU.”

We’re not a brass band. We’re not a jam or cover band. We’re not psychedelic funk. We are our own creation.

What’s next for you?

Honestly, I wish I was the type to definitively say. Of course, more music, more shows. I’ve got another song slated to release after this and show I’m excited to go public with, but…what’s next-next? I really want to go play shows in places like Japan. France. They really like funk music, man [laughs] but I’m not doing this for, like, fame or fortune. I’m here to experience, learn, and inspire. And I’m going to do as much of that through music as the universe allows. Whatever that ends up looking like, wherever it takes me.

Who else in STL is inspiring you right now?

Any artist out there putting in the work to create original art and remain authentic to themselves has my respect. It’s not easy to do. But to answer the question in the most sincere way possible, my inspiration truly comes from within. It’s how I’ve managed to remain true to myself when life & people have tried to sway me every which way. I am very in tune with my intuition, and I do things based on how much in alignment they feel with my spirit. Honoring that, is how we keep manifesting unique ideas. I encourage that in each and every one of us no matter what we do.


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