Live from the Boom Room | Matt F Basler

Live from the Boom Room is a new video series featuring live performances recorded in the Blip Blap Video HQ bunker in St. Louis, Mo. Learn more about Blip Blap Video at, or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

About this week’s artist:

There’s truly nothing St. Louis musician Matt F Basler can’t do. From being really good at playing guitar, to writing his own bio for his Boom Room performance, he is a jack of all trades, and a master of all trades.

If this is your first time hearing about Basler, consider yourself lucky. You now have a wealth of hilarious, touching, heartfelt, funny, cool, masterful, really good, amazing, perfect content to dive into. You are at the event that will forever divide your life: Before MFB, and after.

Once you watch this incredible performance, where should you go next? Maybe give the 2019 rock n’ roll masterpiece Anything Can Be a Song ep a listen. You could jump into Basler’s 2020 I’m Gonna ** Your *, a collection of synth covers of modern country songs about beating people up. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. A single glance at a picture on his instagram will turn you into a lifelong fan. He has never made a bad piece of content in his life.

Really, the only thing that eclipses Basler’s immense musical talent and impossible good looks is how down to earth and humble he is.


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