Photo gallery: Caamp | 05.18.23, The Factory

Photo of Caamp’s Taylor Meier by Laura Jerele

Caamp brought their energetic and unique blend of indie rock, folk and bluegrass to a sold-out crowd Thursday night at The Factory in Chesterfield. With four albums under their belt (their most current endeavor Lavender Days released in the summer of ‘22), they crafted a well-mixed 19-song set, followed up with a three-song encore. It was quite a surprise when they threw one of their biggest hits, “By and By,” in the middle of their set along with a cover of “Your Love” by The Outfield. 

Caamp proved the art of storytelling is alive and well, and based on the amount of audience participation, so is the art of crafting emotional, sing-along songs. 

Louisville based trio, Boa, opened the show with their very catchy, psychedelic indie funk and a very enthusiastically strong fan base that took up quite a bit of the front row! | Laura Jerele

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