Photo gallery: Chappell Roan | 05.30.24, Saint Louis Music Park

Photo of Chappell Roan by Molly Higgins

Rising pop star and Missouri native Chappell Roan brought the house down May 30 at Saint Louis Music Park. The show was part of Roan’s current tour in support of her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, and fans packed the sold-out venue dressed to theme in “Midwest glam”—a sea of pink, camo, rhinestones, and the occasional trucker hat. 

Roan, who is openly queer and a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, kicked off her show with a crowd-pleasing opening set from three local drag queens, Chloe Curiosity, Visa D’Cline, and Manna Steticcc Highland. Soon after, Roan took the stage decked out in a camo ball gown, platform Doc Martens, and a fabulously camp diamond necklace. Her devoted fans cheered, screamed, and sang along through hits like “Red Wine Supernova,” “HOT TO GO!,” and her viral 2024 single, “Good Luck, Babe!”

Thursday’s performance marked the hometown show on this leg of The Midwest Princess Tour for Roan, who grew up in Willard, Missouri, and the artist was audibly thrilled to be close to home. “Can you believe it? We’re in St. Louis!,” Roan exclaimed between songs. Roan’s overnight sensation status may have brought her to some of the industry’s most famed stages this year, but as she delivered an electric, confident performance back in Missouri, it was clear she holds her home state close to her heart. | Molly Higgins

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