Photo gallery: Foreigner w/ Loverboy | 07.19.23, Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Photo of Kelly Hansen and Bruce Watson of Foreigner by Laura Jerele

Humid and hot summer nights in St. Louis were made for classic rock. Case in point was the hugely attended Foreigner farewell tour stop at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Wednesday night. People of all ages came out in droves to sing their hearts out while taking a trip down memory lane. Despite being rock veterans, the band was vibrant and energetic, full of youthful, rock n’ roll energy from the moment they took the stage with their megahit “Double Vision.” Although there were no original members of Foreigner in the band, they played a best hits setlist as if the songs were their very own. True to eighties regalia, the night included a drum solo, a keytar solo, and mullet-wearing youngsters waving their albums high above the crowd. 

Loverboy kickstarted the show with a short and sweet set of their biggest hits including “The Kid Is Hot Tonight” (the crowd loved singing along to “Woah, so hot tonight” at the top of their lungs which thrilled the band to bits) and “Working for the Weekend.” | Laura Jerele 

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