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First Aid Kit, Good Boy Daisy, Annie DiRusso

After 50 years of listening and loving music, I have finally discovered an overarching theme: I adore female singers. That being said, when I look at the list of songs that I find particularly interesting, women and LGBTQIA performers will always step to the front of the line.

Does that mean I will not put a male performer in my review? No. Good music is good music.  But I would like to use this platform to highlight voices that I feel may not get the attention they deserve. While I would like to identify as a feminist, I fully understand my male entitled chromosomes prevent me from being one.

Ladies, I love and respect your talent. If I can use my platform to give one of you the boost you need then I will consider my mission accomplished.


Artist: Anitta, Missy Elliott

Song: “Lobby”

In A Word: Iconic

Two superstars collide in this epic duet. Anitta’s silky smooth vocals marry well with Missy’s super slick rhymes. The high point of this track is when Missy sings. I love when Missy flows, but when she blows it is really special. My favorite lyrics are when Missy raps “Kiss my neck, makin’ out / He wanna eat the cat like it’s Mr. Chow” The whole song knocked my wig back. This is a drag queen classic in the making.


Artist: Annie DiRusso

Song: “Call It All Off”

In A Word: Captivating

Annie DiRusso caught my ear with her unpretentious single, “Call It All Off.” Her straightforward vocals and perfectly distorted guitars combine to create a very infectious melody. Add in the fact that she uses the phrase “redistribution of wealth” and I am in love. I am always a sucker for clever lyrics. This Nashville singer is on the rise and one to keep an eye on. This track will for sure be going in my “Dragging My Ass Into Work” playlist. It will give me the boost of energy I require.


Artist: Good Boy Daisy

Song: “Hate You When You Party”

In A Word: Dynamic

“Hate You When You Party” by Good Boy Daisy checks off all my boxes: a killer rhythm section, an overdose of energy, and memorable vocals. The fact that twin sisters Hallie and Dylinn front the band is just icing on the cake. Hallie Mayes serves up infectious vocals while Dylinn Mayes plays guitar. While the groove is heavy on this track, the vocals give me pop energy which leave me wanting more.


Artist: Lauren Spencer Smith

Song: “Narcissist”

In A Word: Honest

Oh honey, we have all been there. We have all fallen in love with a narcissist. At one point I was a narcissist. The vocals and lyrics Lauren Spencer Smith serves up on this track enveloped me like a warm hug and made me realize we are all going to be OK. I feel like I should pay her money for therapy. Not only are her vocals absolutely gorgeous, but the tone of her voice sent chills down my spine. I feel like it is my duty as a gay man to send this track to every single woman I have ever met. To top it off, the video for this track is sublime.


Artist: First Aid Kit

Song: “Out of My Head”

In A Word: Authentic

How is it the Swedish duo First Aid Kit is set to release their sixth album, Palomino, this November and I am just now meeting them? Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg team up to deliver one of my favorite songs this year with “Out of My Head.” The song is chock full of good vibes. The vocals at the beginning of the track remind me of another singer I hold dear to my heart, Lissie. I am all about realness and authenticity and this track gives me that in spades. This track will definitely be added to my “Road Trippin’ Around the World” playlist.


Bonus Jam!!!

Artist: Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy w/ Nile Rodgers

Song: “Kill the Lights”

In A Word: Disco Fantastic!

I may not have been a fan of the smash show Glee, but I am a massive fan of Alex Newell’s vocals on this gem. It gives me all the disco vibes I crave along with fresh and flirty vocals. Deservedly so, this is a drag queen staple and anytime I see my local queen perform this I tip generously. Disco is alive and well.


Well kids, I am off to cheer on my Cardinals as they make their way to the MLB Postseason. As always, you can check out these songs and several others on my own curated playlist called, “K-JIM 2022.” Just click below.

Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @musicmanjim. I love when you say hello! | Jim Ryan

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