The Big Score: comics noir action series “Blood on the Tracks” debuts 03.14.20

“The ‘Big Score’—the one people always talk about—is about to go down. The perfect crew has been assembled to rob a train going full speed through the Nebraska plains. What could go wrong?”

The cover to the “Blood on the Tracks” collected edition by Bryan Ward

That’s the tagline for Blood on the Tracks, a thrilling new crime graphic novel from Brain Cloud Comics, and the answer, as you might expect, is quite a lot. Originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, it features a taut, twisty script by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz (Pretentious Record Store Guy, Weathermen) and slick, action-packed artwork by Brian Atkins, whose prior work can be found in the superhero/horror mashup The Family Graves (Source Point Press) and the ’80s beat-’em-up throwback Final Street (Devil’s Due Comics). It’s the kind of comic sure to appeal to fans of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ hard noir comics series Criminal, and I’m not just saying that because—in the interest of full disclosure—I edited the book and Carlos designed this website.

First published as a five-issue miniseries featuring covers by Bryan Ward, the locally based creative team will be debuting the Blood on the Tracks collected edition with a signing on Saturday, March 14 from 4:00-6:00pm at Wizard’s Wagon (6388 Delmar Blvd.). If you can’t make the signing, the book will continue to be available for purchase at Wizard’s Wagon, or can be purchased digitally at Comixology. | Jason Green


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