Bianca del Rio | Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert On Nothing With An Opinion On Everything (Dey Street Books)

Bianca del Rio’s book, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert On Nothing With An Opinion On Everything, is just as funny as she is. It’s also absolutely inappropriate for my kids. They watch RuPaul’s Drag Race with me and, because I’m a fan of Bianca’s, we bought the sixth season. They adore her. They love how sweet she was on the show, and how quick witted she is. You can’t make a mistake in this house without hearing “Really, Queen?” or “Not today, Satan.”

That said, the TV version of Bianca is absolutely a sanitized version of her live shows and her book. This humor is edgy, adult, absolutely politically incorrect, and, depending on your sensibilities, terribly offensive.

It’s also hilarious.

It’s the kind of humor that shocks you and makes you cover your mouth, and then give the book to your best friend who also has a trash can sense of humor. She is rude and insulting to everyone in this advice book (including herself). This is Joan Rivers, don’t-give-a-shit, get-over-it-because-you’re-next humor, and it’s double-barreled.  If you have ever been called out at a drag show or by a comedian onstage, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

Even though some of the humor made me wince, you can’t read this book without recognizing how absolutely clever and quick-witted Bianca Del Rio is. My prediction is that her career arc will find her doing drag as a comedian, not doing comedy as a drag queen. | Melissa Cynova

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