Comics Preview: The Atonement Bell tolls for you this Halloween (Red 5 Comics)

Editor’s note: The Atonement Bell is an upcoming comic book miniseries written by The Arts STL contributor Jim Ousley and edited by The Arts STL Editor-in-Chief Jason Green. Please enjoy this preview!

HOUSTON, TX — There’s nothing better for Halloween than a good ghost story. Butcher Queen creator Jim Ousley, artist Tyler B. Ruff, Benjamin Sawyer, and Eisner nominated letterer Ed Dukeshire have a great one up their sleeves when The Atonement Bell debuts this November from Red 5 Comics.

When young Jake loses his father in a terrible tragedy, he and his mother return to St. Louis to visit their estranged family for the holidays. Before they know it they are bound up in a conflict between the Catholic Church and a coven leaving Jake and his family fighting for their lives as the devastating secrets of the city are unearthed.

The bell tolls for you this November wherever Red 5 Comics are sold.

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