Eat Me in St. Louis | Sandwich Quest, Pt. 1

Ever wondered about that Chinese takeout place in the strip mall? Or wanted to know if the new restaurant getting all the writeups was worth the hype? Eat Me in St. Louis is a podcast giving you a real person’s take on new and notable restaurants in the St. Louis area. Hosts Nick Main, Travis Randolph, and Francie Futterman pick a place, dine in secret, and then compare their meals, experiences and more. Subscribe in your favorite podcast app and follow them on Instagram and Threads for all the delicious details and food pics.

In this episode:

This episode is the first of a two-part special report recapping our 2023 Sandwich Quest. We chowed down on the best versions of 48 classic sandwiches across St. Louis to let you know who served up our favorites. From the simple Grilled Cheese to the also simple, but much more fancy sounding Jambon Buerre, Nick, Francie, and Travis are joined by a special guest, “STL Sandwich Man,” to let you know which sandwiches left us feeling warm and toasty, and which ones weren’t worth the bread.

Episode Description:

48 sandwiches. Part 1

00:00 Intro

05:04 Bacon Egg and Cheese – Up Late

06:17 Grilled Cheese – Steve’s Meltdown

06:56 Pulled Pork – The Wood Shack Soulard

08:29 Banh Mi – The Banh Mi Shop

08:57 BLT – Have a Cow

09:58 The Italian Sub – Vivola Express

12:18 Thanksgiving – Central State Sandwiches

14:28 Lobster Roll – Peacemaker

14:49 Turkey Club – Crow’s Nest

16:29 Tuna Melt – Posh Nosh

18:32 Fried Chicken – Sunday’s Best

19:40 Cheese Steak – Vinnie’s Italian Beef & Gyros

20:55 Cuban – Havana’s Cuisine

22:18 Meatball Sub – Adriana’s on the Hill

23:26 Croque Madame – Brasserie by Niche

25:30 Black and Bleu – Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium

26:23 Reuben – Deli Divine

29:06 Gyro – J’s Pitaria

30:09 Po Boy – Sister Cities Cajun

30:39 Caprese – Pastaria Deli and Wine

31:21 Patty Melt – The Drawing Board

32:27 Egg Salad – Olio

33:28 French Dip – Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions

34:42 PBJ – The Gramophone

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