Eat Me in St. Louis | Sandwich Quest, Pt. 2

Ever wondered about that Chinese takeout place in the strip mall? Or wanted to know if the new restaurant getting all the writeups was worth the hype? Eat Me in St. Louis is a podcast giving you a real person’s take on new and notable restaurants in the St. Louis area. Hosts Nick Main, Travis Randolph, and Francie Futterman pick a place, dine in secret, and then compare their meals, experiences and more. Subscribe in your favorite podcast app and follow them on Instagram and Threads for all the delicious details and food pics.

In this episode:

And now, the exciting conclusion…

Part two of our special report recapping our 2023 Sandwich Quest. 24 more incredible sandwiches! Featuring local favorites like the St. Paul, the Hot Salami, and the Brain Sandwich. Plus, classic sandwiches like the Roast Beef, the Fish, and the Hot Dog, which everyone universally agrees is a sandwich.

Episode Description:

00:00 Intro

00:11 Torta – Seoul Taco

01:33 Roast Beef – Lion’s Choice

04:16 Jambon Beurre – Nathaniel Reid Bakery

05:30 Pork Tonkatsu – Sando Shack

06:00 Monte Cristo – The Blue Duck

07:15 Ham and Cheese – Joe Fassi Sausage and Sandwich Factory

10:51 Bagel with Lox – Bagel Union

12:18 Falafel Wrap – American Falafel

12:27 Chicken Salad – Union Loafers

13:21 Veggie and Hummus – Peace Love Coffee

15:04 Baloney Sandwich – Sisters Sandwich Shoppe

15:48 Italian Beef – Mike’s Italian Beef

16:35 Kentucky Hot Brown – Navin’s BBQ

17:12 Bocadillo – Sanctuaria

17:48 Liverwurst – Carl’s Deli

19:19 Cucumber Tea – The London Tea Room

21:06 Muffaletta – Blues City Deli

22:16 St Paul – Mai Lee

23:32 Hot Salami – Gioia’s Deli

24:42 Fish Sandwich – Winslow’s Table

25:59 Hot Dog – Dog On It Gourmet Hot Dogs

29:28 Bao – The BAO

30:09 Avocado Toast – Milque Toast Bar

32:23 – Brain Sandwich – Schottzie’s Bar & Grill

37:12 Favorites

39:31 Sandwich Quiz!

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