Live from the Boom Room | Beth Bombara

Live from the Boom Room is a new video series featuring live performances recorded in the Blip Blap Video HQ bunker in St. Louis, Mo. Learn more about Blip Blap Video at, or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

This week on Live from the Boom Room, Beth Bombara performs her song “Moment.”

About this week’s artist:

Although based in Missouri, Bombara has spent much of her adulthood on the road, carving out her own award-winning mix of modern folk and electrified rock. She’s been a solo artist, a bandleader, and an occasional side musician for other artists. “I try to write without any predetermined ideas attached to genre, and just create. It took me a while to stop worrying about what box I fit into,” she admits. The songwriter’s hard work has paid dividends, and she’s currently in the midst of a “52 Songs” project, writing a song a week and delivering them exclusively to patrons on Patreon. From Aimee Mann’s quirky indie-folk to Neil Young’s heartland rock, she sources inspiration from iconic sources, while slowly stitching together her own sound.







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