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This week’s episode features Jesus Christ Supercar performing his original, “Easy Does It.”

About this week’s artist:

Forged from long-time friendships, St. Louis power trio Jesus Christ Supercar came to be in 2018 and still hasn’t let up the gas. When frontman Collin McCabe (bass/synth) arrived back to his hometown, he came with a mission to assemble a new project that would reflect his vision of a rock band that could write driving and catchy pop songs. It certainly didn’t hurt that he already had the name in mind. He quickly found allies in high school friends Christopher Bachmann (guitar) and Tom Blood Jr. (drums), who saw the same vision after just one jam session and immediately began building the foundation of energetic, danceable tunes with distorted guitar riffs and punchy close harmonies. Since their first show in December 2018, the band has paved their own way as its city’s premier (and possibly only) fuzz-pop, matching-jackets, dance-rock group.

After sharing the stage with notable acts such as Cheap Trick, Broncho, Sleepy Kitty, Dinosaur Pile-Up, !!!, and El Ten Eleven, JCSC shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The band’s two EPs — Post Madonna (2020) and Turbo Diesel (2021) — further explore their ethos of bringing rock up to speed with their pursuit of all things groovy. In late 2022, the band celebrated its first-ever release to wax with their singles “What Time?” and “Radar.” With split lead vocal duties between McCabe and Blood, these complimentary tunes showcase everything the band has to offer: clever innuendo, swagger, and an aesthetic that is somehow both wildly chaotic and extremely focused. Supercar are currently working on a followup EP to 2021’s Turbo Diesel, out early 2024.

What brought you to this point in your life as a working St. Louis artist?

We’ve been a band for five years now (woot woot!) and of course wanted to leap at the opportunity to join the chorus of St. Louis artists who have come through the Boom Room!

What inspires your music? What does this song in particular mean to you?

The name of this song is “Easy Does It.” We came up with it about a year and a half ago. This song fits well within our upbeat pop sensibilities, with this song coming from the perspective of a real heartbreaker.

What bands are you performing with lately?

We are playing a show with Matt F Basler and Blond Guru this Saturday 1/6 at Central Stage!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Still rocking and rolling with local bills as well as expanding our reach in the region!


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