Live from the Boom Room | Justin Johnson

Live from the Boom Room is a new video series featuring live performances recorded in the Blip Blap Video HQ bunker in St. Louis, Mo. Learn more about Blip Blap Video at, or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

This week on Live from the Boom Room, singer-songwriter Justin Johnson performs his song “Good Morning Early Riser.”

About this week’s artist:

Justin Johnson is a singer-songwriter from St. Louis, MO. Over the last decade, he has found success in multiple local bands such as Pretty Little Empire, Jump Starts, and The Fog Lights. He often crafts earnest songs of love, loss, and the difficulties humans have with communicating with one another. His most recent release was his first solo outing, Never Coming Home (2019). When not creating music, he can be heard talking about his love of movies as the co-host of the podcast Don’t Push Pause.

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