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This episode features LG Brown performing “Western.”

About this week’s artist:

LG Brown is a St. Louis-based artist, involved in a variety of artistic endeavors, including producing the Sonic Chthonic video series and singing/songwriting for local psych-rock project Library Birds.

What is the song about / what inspired it?

LG Brown: The song explores a metaphor of the lengths people will go to for the things that they want, but also that those things are not always in their best interest. I actually wrote this song some years ago, and can’t recall if there was a specific inspiration beyond reflecting on those ideas and trying to write a catchy tune.

What led you to creating music in the first place?

Well, I’ve been on-again-off-again with music and artistic creation since I was very young. I suppose the call has always been there, or at least as long as I can remember. I’ve just always loved to sing, perform and create new things!

Are you in a band? What makes it unique?

Yes, I am! I’m currently involved with Library Birds, an indie/psychedelic rock project. Aside from the music itself, which I would call uncanny but also accessible, Library Birds has three separate production wizards involved with the project, giving us an unusual breadth of vision and ability to execute on those ideas. We are constantly trying to explore and bring an uncommon visual element to everything from our videos on YouTube and social media pictures to our live performances, and generally those efforts have been very well received.

What’s next for you?

Library Birds actually has a show coming up on April 28th at the Heavy Anchor, so that is on the immediate horizon. We are planning to play out a few times in the spring and summer this year, and work on some new music video ideas as well. I am also continuing my own indie video production project “The Sonic Chthonic”, and have a few bands lined up in the next couple of months that I am planning to shoot and edit video for.

Who else in STL is inspiring you right now?

I try to get out at least once a week to a local live show, and stay pretty consistently inspired from that. Recent favorites are Children of the Rat Temple, Forests and the Hunt, Seashine, Zantigo!, Subtropolis and Mobile Alien Research Unit. Those are just some that I’ve caught in the past several weeks, but I find myself consistently blown away by the breadth of musical talent in this town!


LG Brown and The Sonic Chthonic on Instagram | The Library Birds on Instagram | Spotify

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