Live from the Boom Room | Superjaz

Live from the Boom Room is a new video series featuring live performances recorded in the Blip Blap Video HQ bunker in St. Louis, Mo. Learn more about Blip Blap Video at, or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

This week on Live from the Boom Room, Superjaz performs his song “All That Remains.”

About this week’s artist:

Jaz Tucker, a.k.a. Superjaz, is “simply happy to be here.” An actor, producer, and cook as well, rapping is something Jaz never thought he’d be doing until he suddenly began to figure out the ‘puzzle,’ slowly but surely, years ago when part of a rap-singing duo. Mr. Tucker has had the fortune of performing his music onstage, releasing numerous songs, and being part of a few live bands. Superjaz released his solo debut My Secret Identity on October 1st to unexpected, yet fully welcomed, praise. Since he began creating in the rap world, Jaz is learning just how fulfilling different art forms can be in differing ways whilst enjoying every life lesson emcee-ing can teach acting couldn’t.  Wherever this music journey takes him, Superjaz is just glad to be along for the ride.


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