Live from the Boom Room | Tommy Halloran

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About this week’s artist:

For nearly thirty years, Tommy Halloran has been building a music career out of playing thousands upon thousands of gigs in St. Louis nightclubs. With a bit of grit in the voice and grit in the frets, he has serenaded almost everybody in town. Forced to attend conservative, fundamentalist schools that forbade dancing and taught that rock n’ roll is of the devil, Tommy started writing songs and picked up guitar as an emotional outlet and an act of rebellion. Now in his 40s, his writing is influenced by the bossas of Antonio Carlos Jobim and those gems from the Great American Songbook. Tommy Halloran has two teenage kids, plays in the STL ska band Skamasala, and teaches Freshman Physics at a local public high school. He wrote this song for his kids, and it was inspired, in part, by “Moonlight In Vermont,” which also doesn’t rhyme!


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