Photo gallery: Explosions in the Sky | 09.21.23, The Pageant

Photo of Explosions in the Sky by Laura Jerele

Keeping true to their atmospheric and heavy groove vibes, Explosions in the Sky brought a visually stunning show to The Pageant while on tour supporting their latest release End. I’ve heard their music called many things from progressive to post-rock, but I tend to view them as lush and cinematic. You cannot help but feel like their songs (and live performances) take you on an adventure, out of your head and somewhere deep into your soul. There are no lyrics to interpret or try to take as your own, there’s only deep, heavy melodies that somehow take you somewhere new. 

Their stage was set with darkness as if it were another member of the band. The use of light was carefully chosen and sparse, which made the show feel like you’re seeing it as if it were an old, grainy photograph. This show was not just one to hear, but one to be immersed within. Very few phones were out—these fans were here to absorb the moment and be truly in it. As the show ended, a very young fan (who was there celebrating his eighth birthday) commented that he never expected a band with no vocals to say so much. Well said, my friend, well said. | Laura Jerele

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