Photo gallery: The Blue Stones | 05.24.23, Delmar Hall

Photo of Justin Tessier of the Blue Stones by Joseph C Roussin

Canadian blues/rock duo The Blue Stones returned to Saint Louis to rock a packed Delmar Hall on Wednesday as part of their tour to promote their newest album Pretty Monster (2022). After a COVID-related cancellation at the top of the tour, the demand for this re-scheduled performance was palpable in the crowd as fans screamed for specific hits from both their newest album and their pandemic sleeper hit Hidden Gems (2021). Both charismatic front man Tarek Jafar (vocals, guitar, bass) and softspoken drummer Justin Tessier brought their mashup of White-Stripes-vs-The-Black-Keys energy to their newest singles “Don’t Miss,” “Good Ideas,” and “What’s It Take To Be Happy?” With stripped-down style and effortless cool, The Blue Stones are destined to break big soon. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing songs from this album behind car commercials. | Joseph C Roussin

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