S. Usher Evans | The City of Veils (Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing)

374 Pages | $2.99 Kindle Edition, $17.99 paperback

I am complete trash for novels involving princesses that hide under the guise of anonymity so they can protect their kingdom (bonus points for not wanting to rule), and The City of Veils by S. Usher Evans is no exception to this. While Brynna is working on bringing down a prominent businessman known for scamming civilians, she is taken in by the captain of the king’s guard and finds out both her father and brother have been murdered in less than a month. The murders leave behind a mystery and also force her to step in as the rightful queen of Forcadel. However, staying away from the castle for years to escape an arranged marriage comes with a cost: not only is she not aware of the court politics that have been happening in the castle, but she’s not sure who she could trust. Despite having no particular desire to rule, she definitely doesn’t want to be the next dead royal.

Despite being advised against it, Brynna finds herself negotiating with Felix, the captain of the king’s guard, to continue working as a vigilante at night while working on her royal duties during the day. This begins an amusing back and forth between the two throughout the novel as they butt heads constantly and try to negotiate with each other. I loved seeing their relationship develop, along with Brynna’s relationship with the other characters, including Katarine, the other guards, and others who will likely be playing a major role in later books.

The first novel in Evans’ newest series, Princess Vigilante, was a fun ride from beginning to end. The overall pacing of the story was perfect, although there are parts I felt were slow or a little rushed. The story was engaging and entertaining, and I was constantly kept on my toes as Brynna tries to navigate her life as a masked vigilante and a queen while trying to stay wary of potential dangers. | Hannah Sophia Lin

Learn more about the author and her Princess Vigilante series at https://susherevans.com/.

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