On Tour: The Wombats | 01.18.18

w/ courtship., Nation of Language | The Pageant, 6161 Delmar Blvd. | All ages | $20 advance, $25 day of show

UGH. It’s that time of the year right after my birthday when it’s winter and I kind of feel like I’m flopped out on the floor watching my life make the ceiling buckle. So thank f-ing God the Wombats are coming to town to sing us some tunes, some of which will be old favorites and a few that might be off of the forthcoming Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (due February 9th from Kobalt Music Recordings) and definitely probably the sublime “Greek Tragedy,” which is off of 2015’s Glitterbug but whatever. I want to hang out in someone else’s misery, but I also want to drink and dance, but I also also want to remember that the sun is going to come out soon and there’s going to be hijinks and it’s not all that bad after all, is it? (Sidebar: last time I saw the Wombats, their opener became one of my favorite bands and I tried to hook this hot Australian dude I randomly met up with one of my friends and then we had a slightly tipsy singalong so I have HIGH HOPES for this evening.) | Erin Jameson

Learn more at thewombats.co.uk.

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