Top 10 TV Shows to Binge to Avoid COVID | Jim Ryan

As an introvert, I love how a side effect of COVID is the encouragement to self-isolate. I am totally fine with that aspect. Now I have a legit reason to not go to holiday parties or social gatherings and nobody can say a thing.

I find it funny as I peruse my streaming services that I watch shows with COVID glasses. I flinch when I see an overcrowded restaurant scene or throngs of people at a concert. I often find myself exclaiming, “And not one of them is wearing a mask!” Even a scene where people shake hands gives me the heebie jeebies.

That said, these are the ten best series (in no specific order) I have enjoyed watching while avoiding the plague.

The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime Video) – What’s not to love? Magic? Medieval times? Female empowerment? This epic tale of good versus evil is stunning to watch unfold as every episode ends with a cliffhanger.

I Like To Watch with Trixie and Katya (YouTube) – My love for Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova runs deep. So deep that a day does not go by where my husband and I don’t recite one of their iconic phrases. In this series, the two queens give unfiltered reactions to shows on Netflix. Come for the commentary, stay for the table flipping.

UNHhhh (World Of Wonder) – Once again, my love for Trixie and Katya is second to none. Six seasons in and the show where they talk about everything and nothing gets better and better. The magic these two entertainers create is legendary. And all they do is talk—and serve fierce lewks.

Bob’s Burgers (FOX/Hulu) – I have been an H. Jon Benjamin fan for a very long time. I mean I go all the way back to Home Movies where he served his deadpan comedy as Coach McGuirk. Then I got on the Archer train which led me to Bob’s Burgers. With an all-star cast and no laugh track this series serves up comedy with a side of fries.

The IT Crowd (Netflix) – Three social misfits toil in the basement of corporate Britain. All three actors have gone on to career greatness. One even won an Oscar!

Love On The Spectrum (Netflix) – Have you grown weary of duck-lipped bimbos looking for love in America? Travel Down Under to watch how Autistic folks navigate the tricky river of love. If you don’t fall in love with “Mr. A Plus” Michael then you have no heart at all.

Lady Dynamite (Netflix) – If you are not familiar with Maria Bamford then get in the game. This amazing comedian serves up two seasons of comedic gold. Throw in the multi-talented Ana Gasteyer, the sobering Bridget Everett, and some adorable pugs and you have the recipe of a truly binge-worthy series.

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Hulu) – This Bravo instalment of the Real Housewives franchise is by far the best. You can have all the table flipping and botox you want with the other franchises, but what we love about Atlanta is the shade. These ladies throw the shade in bushels as they slay you with some side-eye. Plus, Kandi Burris and I are both Taureans so we are sisters for life.

Fleabag (Amazon Prime Video) – So many reasons to love Fleabag. A flawed main character, a wicked step-mother, and a sexy priest. Just wait until you see Claire’s modern haircut.

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim/Amazon Prime Video) – For those of us that are Freethinkers, this show is right up our alley. A funny show about science that rips off the band-aid of Christianity in the first episode. I was instantly hooked.

Well, there you have it, kids: the top 10 shows that occupy my eyeballs since American TV refuses to evolve and only panders to the lowest common denominator. I mean do you really think I will give any attention to The Cleaning Lady? |Jim Ryan

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