Amy Meyerson | The Bookshop of Yesterdays (Park Row Books)

368 pgs. | $22.99 hardcover

One of the main characters in The Bookshop of Yesterdays is the bookshop itself. They always seem to have a life of their own. They all kind of smell the same—of old paper, dust and leather. They all have a hush to them, similar to walking into a holy space. They all have employees who treat the books as if they are precious gems. If you’re lucky, they’ll also have a cat.

Our main character, Miranda, inherits the bookshop that was her childhood playground. Along with the shop, she is given a series of clues in a scavenger hunt that will shift everything she knows. Refreshingly, her life could use some shifting. So often our protagonists live perfect lives (maybe one flaw) and are 100% sure about how they should lead their lives. These characters are all human; each have things they need to work on and are the kind of characters that you cheer for.

They struggle with forgiveness, responsibility, decisiveness and fear. Threaded between the family and friends of Miranda is the dream of every child who loves books—a mystery in a bookstore. The read is compelling, the author is deft, and the story is suspenseful. If you love books more than you love some people, you will enjoy this book. | Melissa Cynova

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