Concert review: Extreme w/ Living Colour | 02.09.24, River City Casino (with photo gallery)

Photo of Extreme by Laura Jerele

“WOW. Just WOW!”

I asked several people as they were leaving the Extreme concert at River City Casino to sum up the show in only one word. And I kept hearing ‘wow’ over and over, and I concur. WOW!

To say that these four musicians are at the top of their game is an understatement. From the second they hit the stage, they were ready to command it, and as soon as they started playing… They were in the pocket. Nothing to dial-in. They were there. They were ready. It sounded perfect. It was loud. And they let loose a night of funk and rock ‘n’ roll to a very enthusiastic sold-out crowd!

Not that I was expecting this, but this is not a band with a guitar god and his band mates. They were tight and richly integrated, but more than that—they were heavily talented, having a blast and it showed. Highlights of the show for me were songs “Hip Today,” “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee,” and “Am I Ever Gonna Change.” “Hurricane” was very special to hear, hitting very close to home as I’ve recently lost my father.

The stage was flooded with an arena-sized light show complete with really vibrant, colorful visuals, which really complemented their boundless energy. Vocalist Gary Cherone’s pipes are thick with vibe and he makes it seem absolutely effortless to sing and perform with a lot of velocity. I got tired just watching and photographing him!

The Thicker Than Blood tour proved that they are not just hitting the road to play for people, they are there to connect with their audience. It was quite endearing to see the entire band—drummer Kevin Figueiredo, bassist Pat Badger, and guitarist Nuno Bettencourt—shaking hands, throwing picks and drumsticks, and taking selfies from the stage longggg after their performance ended. Pure class, gentlemen. Pure class.

This show felt more like a double bill, because Extreme was partnered with the ever-impressive Living Colour! I’ve never heard an opening act be so loud, and I mean LOUD! They are absolute rock legends and a large part of the audience there to see them just as much as they were to see Extreme. An excellent pairing, I must say, even if my ears are still paying the price today! | Laura Jerele

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  1. Hey Laura! These are great pictures. I am the production guy at RCC. Kevin from Johnny ROCKitt sent me this link. Shoot me an email when you get a sec!

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