Concert review: LP | 11.15.23, The Pageant (with photo gallery)

Photo of LP by Laura Jerele

LP is an artist so talented and multi-faceted that they bend and blend into every genre with super unique vocals and very poignant songwriting. LP is not just a prolific songwriter who pens massive hits for others, they are a captivating and bona fide rock star. Their recent tour stop this week at The Pageant certainly proved just that.

Supporting the September release of the album Love Lines, LP kickstarted the night by belting out their other-worldly vocals and playing their trademark ukulele on “Golden.” The crowd seemed to be a mass of superfans with nearly everyone singing along and a massive amount of dancing. LP gives so much to their audience with genuine and constant interaction which definitely added to the emotional feeling of the night. So many people were crying and screaming when LP looked their way, let alone sang directly to them.

There’s a certain magic between LP and lead guitarist Andrew Berkeley Martin, who embodies a flashy presence like a young Yngwie Malmsteen, but with a massive smile. The moments they interacted with one another were not only genuine, they were very entertaining and really endearing. 

One of their biggest hits, “Lost On You,” was put in the middle of the setlist, rather than saved for an encore. Soaring vocals, harmonica playing, ukulele strumming…the songs curated for the 18-song setlist were incredibly varied and led to “Long Goodbye” ending the set. Not going away quietly, LP took the stage for a three-song encore throwing so much love to the audience while belting out “One Last Time” before bidding goodnight. | Laura Jerele

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