Concert review: Mary J. Blige | 10.12.22, Enterprise Center

With more Grammys than she can carry, legs that won’t stop, and decades of being at the top of the charts, Mary J. Blige hit St. Louis, MO. The Enterprise Center was packed, and everyone knew the words to every song that the DJ dropped before the show began. I went alone, but never felt lonely for a second. If you’ve ever been to an event with a mostly Black audience, you’ll know that it’s like watching Hair Week in Atlanta. Everyone is dressed to the nines. Watching folks enter the Enterprise Center was a sight unto itself.

Mary J. made an entrance similar to Snoop Dogg and Warren G when they were in town. A video of her pre-show routine and then, blam—Mary J. Blige. She looks taller than life on stage, and she played with the audience the entire time she performed.

And the performance? Flawless. Someone said to me once, not knowing my loyalties to MJB, that her old music was the best. To that I say, pssht. Nuh uh. Just because you know the song doesn’t make it better. We got to reach middle age with Mary J, that’s a wonder in itself.

The back up dancers and crew were having a ball with this show. I hope the rest of the tour went as beautifully. I made about ten new friends who ALSO don’t like hateration in their Danceries, and it felt like a block party. The show was a lesson in “Real Love” and a reminder to look into the mirror every morning to say “Good Morning, Gorgeous.” | Melissa Cynova

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