Jenn P. Nguyen | Fake It Till You Break It (Swoon Reads)

304 pages |$9.99 Kindle Edition, $17.99 hardcover

From the moment I read the synopsis, I wanted to read Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen. Fake dating that might backfire on the characters in the end? That sounded like pure fun (for the reader, probably not the characters), and Nguyen delivered. Some people may think the book is predictable and full of clichés, which can definitely be the case depending on reading preferences (and mood).

But if anyone is looking for a light and funny young adult contemporary romance to read, Fake It Till You Break It is the perfect new release from Swoon Reads. Knowing each other since childhood, Mia and Jake have constantly been in each other’s presence thanks to their mothers being friends. From dentist visits to brunch and even vacation, they’ve done practically everything together growing up.

But now that they’re old enough to be in romantic relationships, their moms think the two of them will be perfect (and bonus: they can continue hanging out together if everything goes well). Tiring? Mia and Jake seem to think so. To get their moms off their backs about being the perfect couple, the two devise a plan: pretend to date, then break it off bad enough that they’ll be out of each other’s lives forever. So much for their moms trying to get them together, right?

Spoiler: Joke’s on Mia and Jake.

Mia and Jake were cute together and I loved their individual viewpoints throughout the book as they evolved from “we hate each other” to “maybe we don’t hate each other.” Their voices were easily distinguishable and not confusing between chapters while adding to the story overall. Both of their moms were so much fun to read despite the irritation Mia and Jake felt with the constant pushing for them to be together.

Fake It Till You Break is such a cute and pure romance, and I highly encourage giving Nguyen’s book a chance if you enjoy the fake dating trope and good banter, and you want a light read for the summer. | Hannah Sophia Lin

Click here for more information and a brief excerpt, courtesy of Swoon Reads.

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