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This week’s episode features singer/songwriter Hunter Peebles performing his original, “Lipstick Stains.”

About this week’s artist:

Songs from the heart. There’s no better way to describe the music from Hunter Peebles. The human experience is filled with heartache, loss, love, and joy. Hunter’s songs capture these sentiments with seemingly effortless simplicity and depth. Hailing from southern Illinois, just east of St. Louis, MO, Hunter reflects his influences in country, folk, and Americana soundscapes. With his newly formed band “The Moonlighters” hard at work in the studio for the better part of 2023, you can expect some new releases in the near future. As for now, his debut EP Drifter is available on all digital streaming platforms.

What brought you to this point in your life as a working St. Louis artist?

After graduating from SIU Carbondale in 2018, I decided to move to St. Louis where I had several friends all playing shows around town. At the time, I didn’t have much of a plan. I just knew I wanted to keep playing shows. After some more years and notches on the belt, I got a better sense of direction that has put me on the path I’m on now.

What inspires your music?

Good storytelling. The experiences I’ve had in my life. Good or bad, I can only write from a place of something that moves me or has moved me indirectly. Songwriters like John Prine, Blaze Foley, and Townes Van Zandt have all inspired the way I try to craft a song.

Who in St. Louis are you inspired by right now?

I continue to be inspired by my closest friends in the music scene. Nick Gusman is one of the best storytellers local and [beyond]. His melodic choices are beautiful as they are creative and his overall perspective rings through in every one of his songs. He’s at a level of songwriting that I aspire to. The same can be said about my longtime friend, Jakob Baxter. He and his band Yard Eagle have been pushing boundaries not only with songwriting but also with how the song is arranged. Experimental soundscapes that continue to blend the boundaries of genre.

What bands are you performing with lately?

I have mostly been playing with my own band The Moonlighters as well as sharing some bills with Nick Gusman & The Coyotes and Yard Eagle. When I’m not playing with them, I’m playing a lot of solo shows opening for national touring acts such as Willy Watson, Sunny Sweeney, and Vincent Neil Emerson.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

It’s a dream of mine to be booking shows in towns I’ve never been and people I’ve never met are buying tickets. In five years, I hope to be on the road full time all the while writing and recording new music. Making new friends far and wide!


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