Live from the Boom Room | The Gaslight Squares

Live from the Boom Room is a new video series featuring live performances recorded in the Blip Blap Video HQ bunker in St. Louis, Mo. Learn more about Blip Blap Video at, or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

About this week’s artist:

The Gaslight Squares are a jazz band based in St. Louis, MO. The group specializes in ragtime, early jazz, and blues. As their name indicates, The Gaslight Squares are dedicated to St. Louis’ own musical heritage, celebrating the historic riverboat jazz music of the city and performing such local standards as “Frankie and Johnny” and “There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.”

They are well known throughout the Midwest as being a lively and entertaining ensemble, especially popular with local swing dancers. The group is also highly adaptable to the needs of a variety of events, able to provide both soft, atmospheric music for social functions or high energy, danceable music for parties and celebrations.


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