Photo gallery: Mammoth WVH w/ Nita Strauss | 02.21.24, Red Flag

Photo of Wolfgang Van Halen by Laura Jerele

Mammoth WVH brought an incredible show to Red Flag Wednesday night as they started their tour here in The Lou. They had a recent stop here with an opening slot on the Metallica tour, so it was great to see them snag a headlining tour so quickly after.

Wolfgang Van Halen certainly proved he is paving his own path despite having a family legacy that people are quick to compare him to. Granted, he’s talented as all get out, but how could he not be with those family genes? But this band has its own style. It’s own vibe. Its own feel and originality and heavily rooted in rock n’ roll. Mammoth WVH brings a very heavy groove along with a certain kind of confident finesse that usually comes from a more tenured act. With just a couple albums under their belt, it’s gonna be fab to see what’s next and hopefully they’ll keep bringing their tours here!

Guitarist Nita Strauss opened the show with blazing guitar riffs as she’s quite the virtuoso. She’s also quite the entertainer – running around the stage, engaging the audience, and all the while being absolutely flawless on the guitar. | Laura Jerele

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