A Minor Interview with Randy Feltface

Randy Feltface: The Inhale, Exile Tour | 05.02.22, 8:00pm | Helium Comedy Club | 1151 St. Louis Galleria Street | 18+ | $20

The first in a series of interviews with amazing talent that’s coming to St. Louis by their teenaged fans.

Randy Feltface, a purple Australian puppet, makes sense about 1 minute, 47 seconds into his performances. You’re suddenly just ok with the fact that Aussie Kermit is giving you the best retelling of Ernest Hemingway’s life that you’ve ever heard. He is a riveting storyteller, so you actually forget that he’s a fucking puppet. He also has impeccable comic timing. Using minimal props and strategic pauses, he brings to mind Billy Connolly and Maria Bamford. I’ve never seen anything like it. Suspended disbelief in minutes with adults. Nice one.

Randy will be performing at the Helium Comedy Club at the St. Louis Galleria on Monday, May 2, and trust me, you do not want to miss this guy.

Er…puppet. Guy. Puppet guy. | Melissa Cynova

A Minor Interview with Randy Feltface

Robert and Joss: What’s the best bit you’ve written in your opinion?

Randy Feltface: I’d have to say one I’ve got going in my recent show right now, it started out as a 12-minute bit but has been chiseled down to five minutes with a great punchline at the end. Other than that, obviously the Morgan bit got me a lot of viewers.

(After you watch that bit on YouTube, the line “Morgan was off the fuckin chain!” will become part of your daily vernacular. Just a heads up.)

Do you have legs?

[in an offended tone] Do… do you follow me on Instagram, Robert? If so, you’ll see several photos of me with legs, so the answer to your question? Yes.

Do you tell real stories or made-up ones?

I really like to write stories and storytelling in general, so overall I’d have to say stories that I get to make up along the way, letting the bit direct itself as I write.

What is a question you have always wanted to answer?

Well, Robert, that’s some inception shit right there. I’ll have to say that one. I’ve always wanted to answer the question of what question I’ve always wanted to answer.

How would you describe the type of comedy that you perform?

Anecdotal storytelling/ standup.

What is your dream collaboration with a comedian?

I would love to collaborate with Maria Bamford, she seems very fun to work with.

Do you keep a comedian mindset when out in public or is that reserved specifically for the shows?

Yes and no, I feel I have a more blown-up personality when at shows and performing, but still try to act as much like me when performing and not. | Robert and Joss

For more on Randy Feltface, visit www.feltface.com/. information or to purchase tickets, visit st-louis.heliumcomedy.com/shows/167682.

Randy Feltface: The Inhale, Exile Tour:

04.29.22 | Guelph, ON – JFL ROADSHOW

05.02.22 | Richmond Heights, MO

05.03.22 | Indianapolis, IN

05.04.22 | Louisville, KY

05.05.22 | Fort Wayne, IN

05.06.22 | Appleton, WI

05.07.22 | Appleton, WI

05.11.22 | Philadelphia, PA

05.12.22 | Philadelphia, PA

05.16.22 | Los Angeles, CA – EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE – Laurie Kilmartin, Alex Edelman

06.16.22 | Lisboa, Portugal

06.21.22 | Portland, OR

06.22.22 | Spokane, WA

06.23.22 | Tacoma, WA

06.30.22 | Boston, MA

07.01.22 | Boston, MA

07.02.22 | Boston, MA

07.07.22 | Brooklyn, NY (Sold Out)

07.08.22 | Brooklyn, NY

07.09.22 | Brooklyn, NY

07.13.22 | Washington, DC

10.25.22 | Greenville, SC

10.26.22 | Charlotte, NC

10.27.22 | Greensboro, NC

11.02.22 | Austin, TX

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