About Us

The Arts STL was founded in August 2017 after the demise of PLAYBACK:stl, the long-running St. Louis-based music and pop culture magazine/website. After the founders of that site decided to cease publication, that site’s Jason Green—a 13-year veteran of all sections of the site and editor of its comic book coverage—decided that the hole that Playback was leaving behind needed to be filled, and if someone was going to do it, it may as well be him.

Featuring writing by numerous longtime Playback staffers, The Arts STL aims to cover the arts in all their forms as they happen in the St. Louis area (as well as the occasional dispatch from points beyond), with dedicated coverage of music, film, comic books, books, and live theatre. We hope you enjoy what you read. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section at the bottom of any article, or via our contact form as well. The contact form can also be used for press coverage inquiries as well as those interested in joining our crew of volunteer contributors (we will reply with a contact email to send writing samples to). Thanks for reading!


Editor-in-Chief: Jason Green

Film Editor: Sarah Boslaugh

Contributing Writers and Photographers: Keva Bartnick, Cullen Bathe, Karl Beck, Tyson Blanquart, Nic Champion, Michael Cheng, Greg Clark, Melissa Cynova, Courtney Dowdall, Jonathan Gunasingham, Erin Jameson, Laura Jerele, Joe Johnson, Zach Johnson, Chad Killion, Holly Kite, Mike Koehler, David Lichius, Hannah Sophia Lin, Bill Loellke, Cait Lore, Jackson Mabrey, Jennifer Manjarez, Bruce Matlock, Brian McClelland (Blip Blap Video), Teresa Montgomery, George Napper, Jenny Noga Davinroy, Jim Ousley, Molique Patton-Taylor, Mike Rengel, Joseph C Roussin, Diane Ruff, Jen Ruff, Jim Ryan, Caleb Sawyer, Willie Edward Smith, Bryan J. Sutter, James Tourte, Laura Tucker, Erica Vining, Chuck Von Nordheim, David Von Nordheim, Rob Von Nordheim, Colin Williams