LouFest Preview | Okey Dokey

Nashville’s Okey Dokey are guitarist Johnny Fisher (The Weeks) and vocalist / visual artist Aaron Martin. Former bandmates, Fisher and Martin decided to take a second shot at working together, holing up in a cabin to see what would happen. They also invited a stream of friends to pop in and play along.

The result of the experiment was debut album Love You, Mean It (EXAC Records), released in March. On it, Okey Dokey wrap soul, psychedelic pop and yacht rock in a warm hug of 1980s teen movie pastels and long haired, open shirted 1970s California rock. Brand new standalone single “Hometown” keeps the good times rolling, decorating America-style AM Gold with a Motown sway and a rousing horn section. Every note Okey Dokey plays feels infused with the enthusiasm and relaxation borne of being freed from expectations.

On stage, Okey Dokey are also joined by a revolving cast of characters, further embodying the collaborative spirit of the entire project. In addition to members of The Weeks and Martin’s now-defunct band Sol Cat, Okey Dokey feature members of Wild Child, Diane Coffee, Desert Noises, Rayland Baxter Band, Morning Teleportation and Bully. Bring your bingo card to their LouFest set, try to catch ‘em all. This is a band seemingly tailor made for a festival, their chill vibes and lighthearted, inclusive approach to making music should put a smile on the faces of, and sunglasses on the brains of, even the most overcast minds. | Mike Rengel

Okey Dokey play the BMI-Tunespeak stage at LouFest at 2:30pm, Sunday, September 10th. One day festival tickets are $60; two day passes are $95.

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