Photo Gallery: Harm’s Way w/ Fleshwater, Ingrown, and Jivebomb | 10.19.23, Duck Room at Blueberry Hill

Photo of Harm’s Way by Holly Kite

A sold-out Thursday night at Blueberry Hill, a line weaved from the front doors, around the bar, down the gallery hallway to the entrance of the basement venue, the Duck Room. Everyone showed up early to catch openers Jivebomb, Ingrown, and Fleshwater, each of which packed a punch, worthy of an opening spot for Chicago’s own Harm’s Way. An eclectic evening of sound, the genre’s spanned from hardcore, powerviolence, death metal, shoegaze, grunge, and nu metal. There’s a special energy in the room when bands like this come through and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t getting out and catching these bands before they blow up! Take a listen to our playlist below and check out our photo gallery below. | Holly Kite

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