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Hello music lovers! My name is Jim Ryan and I am a music freak. Music has always been a focal point in my life and I have written about it for years. The only thing I love more than listening to music is sharing music with other music lovers. So many times when I hear a new song, I try to figure out which of my friends would enjoy the song the most. When I get feedback that they love the song as much as I do, I achieve musical nirvana.

So hello new friends! Every week I will listen to (damn near) every new release and share my favorite five with all of you! Will I be able to write a weekly column? Oh no, children, I am far too old to try and keep up that pace again. I will be focusing on quality over quantity. When I find five new releases that make my flag run up the flagpole, I will compile them into an article and send them your way.

Please sit back, strap on your headphones, and check out all the jams that get the Jim Ryan seal of approval.

We are Scientists, “Just Education”

Seven albums in and We are Scientists are still going strong with their latest release, Huffy. The struggle was real to pick my favorite song off this album as there are a number of jams contained on this fantastic album. The simple fact of why this track gets the maximum number of replays is that it just makes me smile. In a word full of negativity, treat yourself to this serotonin booster—your therapist will thank you for it later.

Other notable tracks: “Contact High” “Handshake Agreement” “I Cut My Own Hair” and “Pandemonium”

Anderson East, “Hood Of My Car”

From his latest album, Maybe We Never Die, Anderson makes one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. I mean he took me back to my Tawny Kitaen days of her sliding over the hood of cars in Whitesnake videos. Anderson’s vocals pierced my dead Gen X heart and made me want to do serious carnal things to my beloved.

Other notable tracks: “Like Nothing Ever Happened,” “If You Really Love Me,” “Interstellar Outer Space,” and “Maybe We Never Die.”

Jack Savoretti, “Who’s Hurting Who”

Let’s take a hop over the pond to check out the latest album from Jack Savoretti. From his album, Europiana, Jack enlisted the talents of superstar Nile Rodgers to lay down this funky bassline. This is my first introduction to Mr. Savoretti, and I was surprised and delighted by his brand of soulful pop music. This whole album made me want to revisit my collection of Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.

Other notable tracks: “More Than Ever” and the stunning “The Way You Said Goodbye”

Destroy Boys, “Muzzle”

Clocking in at a svelte 1:06, with this track Destroy Boys not only caught my attention, they commanded it. Just when I thought I was too old to continue down the punk highway, here comes Alexia Roditis and company to make me fall in love with the genre once again. They reminded me of my love for L7, The Ramones, and beat-poet Maggie Estep. Check out their album, Open Mouth, Open Heart,which is full of punk rock earwigs.

Other notable tracks: “Sweet Tooth” “Drink” and “For What”

High Desert Queen, “Bury The Queen”

It is finding bands like this that make me want to write this column. In my normal life, I would never come across bands like High Desert Queen. It is only when I go on my musical exploration that I come across these musical darlings. At first listen, I thought they were just another jam band, but they are so much more. The genre I would put this group in is Hippie Industrial. They definitely have a groovy vibe—Ryan Garney’s vocals gave me Jim Morrisson goosebumps—but it is the killer rhythm section that reminded me of bands like Ministry and Bauhaus. “Bury The Queen” is the kind of track that makes me want to go out into the wilderness and howl at the moon.

Other notable tracks: “As We Roam” and “Skyscraper.”

Well, that does it for this installment of The Found Five, but don’t you worry children, there will be many more. For your listening enjoyment, I have assembled all these songs—and more—into a handy dandy Spotify playlist. Just click here.

I will be adding all the new tracks I find to this list every column so it will grow and grow. Also, hit me up at my only social I know how to use—on Twitter. I told you I am Gen X. Follow me @TheFoundFive. Let me know what you think of my picks or just chat me up about musical things. I am embracing technology people, don’t leave me hanging. | Jim Ryan

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