Top 12 Albums for Yoga at Home | Courtney Dowdall

I used to be a purist—no music, only the sound of your breath—until a yoga happy hour class I attended changed everything. Music during practice can inspire your movement and enhance your mood, maybe sparking playfulness and flow, maybe guiding introspection and leaning into a posture asking for some extra time. Since so many of us are practicing at home these days, here are some albums I turn to frequently to accompany my practice to help me get my head in the zone.

1. William Onyeabor | What?! (Luaka Bop)
For a little more bounce and levity but enough repetition that you can get lost.

2. Stevie Wonder | Fulfillingness’ First Finale (Motown)
On days when I’m feeling down and need a little perspective.

3. Cut Copy | Haiku from Zero (Astralwerks)
Flow city, great for getting out of your head and feeling a little more fluid.

4. Mildlife | Phase (Research Records)
More flow, more groove, little waves of movement, and a little wiggle between poses.

5. Drakkar Nowhere | self-titled (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
This one puts me in a serious mood to get some sweaty work done.

6. Chad Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 | Star Stuff (Company Record Label)
For getting lost in your practice, when you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need to get on the mat.

7. The Budos Band | The Budos Band III (Daptone Records)
Good for a dynamic practice with a little fire in it.

8. Lido Pimienta | La Papessa (Lido Pimienta)
Heart opening and empowering, for days when you want to heal the world with a big, melty hug.

9. Shintaro Sakamoto | Let’s Dance Raw (Zelone Records)
For feeling your way through a relaxed practice—a little lively, a little silly.

10. GUM | Flash in the Pan (Spinning Top Music)
Might find yourself grooving when you mean to stand still, but sometimes that’s just what you need.

11. Ceu | Tropix (Urban Jungle)
Very chill, very soothing, and full of light—nice for a grounding, steadying concentration.

12. Towa Tei | Future Listening (MACHBEAT.COM)
Great for building energy and putting a smile on your face. | Courtney Dowdall

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