Concert review: The Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze | 09.26.23, Stifel Theatre (with photo gallery)

Photo of The Psychedelic Furs by Laura Jerele

An excellent double bill packed the Stifel Theatre Tuesday night with the Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze. This show was not just for ’80s nostalgia, although there certainly was plenty of that as both bands offer quite the catalog fit for reminiscing. 

The Psychedelic Furs opened the show with a lengthy, 15-song set that was not just a culling of ‘best of’ hits. Their setlist was a perfect balance of their swoon-worthy favorites like “Heaven” and “Love My Way” and a fairly newer song, “This’ll Never Be Like Love.” Richard Butler’s voice is still as distinct as ever and the songs seem to flow through and out of him with his movements swaying perfectly together with each song. 

In a burst of color and sound, Squeeze took the stage with their pop hit “Take Me I’m Yours” and kept an impressive pace of songs. The setlist was tight with no time left for small talk or meandering their way through—and it even included solos for each band member that were impressive, to say the least! Squeeze kept punching through their hits without wavering on their energy, which kept the crowd dancing the entire time! This tour was a fabulous pairing of truly talented acts that brought an impressive show not just for nostalgia, but for making new memories. | Laura Jerele

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