Photo Gallery: High Vis | 09.17.23, Off Broadway

Photo of High Vis’ Graham Sayle by Holly Kite

w/ Squint and No Guard

“Are we still lucky to be here?” High Vis repeatedly asks during their song “Trauma Bonds” as the crowd rushes the stage to shout along. It’s a spiritual experience of sorts to be in such an intimate venue surrounded by people who connect with this lively London based band. Vocalist Graham Sayle makes a point multiple times throughout their set to state how grateful they are and how wild it is that their music has made its way across the pond to the Midwest.

Locally based band Squint primed the crowd for High Vis as their sound is truly a unique convergence of melodic hardcore and punk. There are big things in the works for this band and while they are taking a bit of time off to record some new tunes, you won’t want to miss them the next time they play in your area!

Opening the evening was Springfield, Illinois’, No Guard, which I sadly just missed capturing. It’s worth mentioning that Springfield is making a name for itself in the hardcore scene and No Guard brought that infectious energy and support to Off Broadway.

So, are we still lucky to be here? After an evening with High Vis and company, you certainly feel so. | Holly Kite

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