Henry Rollins’ Travel Slideshow | 10.02.18, The Pageant

Henry Rollins’ Travel Slideshow was exactly what it sounds like. Henry Rollins—everyone’s favorite punk rock uncle—brought slides of his travel and talked us through them. Since his days in Black Flag in the ‘80s, Rollins has traveled the world. In the ‘90s, he realized that all he was seeing was the inside of a hotel room, a stage, and then a bus. He truly enjoys learning about the culture by swimming around in it until he gets all pruney. He wanted to learn how humans go through life in a non-Western environment.

I have to make note of his punctuality. It’s common to go to a show and have the artist walk onstage at ten or twenty minutes after curtain. (Or forty-five—Lucinda Williams, I’m looking at you.) Henry Rollins walked onto the stage at the Pageant at 8:00 pm on the dot.

In the hours that followed, the crowd found themselves laughing hysterically and then close to tears. We learned about Henry’s participation in the USO – going from Afghanistan, where he climbed atop a towering pile of Soviet MiG’s (and then reluctantly got down when told the ejector seats were still live and would tear his head off). He went to the Highway of Death, assuring us that no one has gone to get the bodies of the thousands of people killed there.

From Afghanistan, we went to Siberia, where he edited a book on the Trans-Siberian Railway. He showed us a photo of Gayle, who escaped her home during Katrina after the levee broke by holding her infant over her head and slowly walking through the water, which was up to her nose. In Saigon, there were ducks on a motorcycle. Cambodia. Syria. Lebanon. The slums of Bangladesh, where we saw families digging through garbage for food, and the glorious smile of a child—standing on this same garbage. Shooting a picture off of a bridge over the most poisonous river in the world in India, and catching a boy who was flying a kite right next to it. Henry pointed out that next to the river were crops, which fed the people there.

He finds children in every place he goes. Mali, North Korea, and Timbuktu. In Timbuktu, a teenager recognized Rollins and said that his grandpa loved his music. Mongolia. Bhutan, for an open air cremation. Tibet. Uganda.

Honestly, I could go on. One of the most notable mentions was the charity Drop in the Bucket.org, with whom Rollins has been involved. In this charity, water pumps are powered by the children’s merry-go-round in Uganda. Water powered by joy. Amazing. He also hands out pens to kids—hundreds of pens—to promote literacy.

I encourage you to go see Uncle Henry and his traveling slide show, and expand your mind and consciousness to the interconnectedness that we all share, and the world that we share it with. Rollins said that he didn’t want to die at 57 by hippo, but if he did, it’s better than dying at 80 of television and pizza, with the last 30 years of his life immobile.

I couldn’t agree more. | Melissa Cynova

Upcoming Henry Rollins tour dates:

10.11.2018    Jefferson Theater | Beaumont, TX

10.12.2018    KiMo Theatre | Albuquerque, NM

10.14.2018    Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO

10.15.2018    The Avalon Theater | Grand Junction, CO

10.16.2018    The State Room | Salt Lake City, UT

10.17.2018    Egyptian Theatre | Boise, ID

10.18.2018    Bing Crosby Theater | Spokane, WA

10.19.2018    Neptune Theatre | Seattle, WA

10.20.2018    Capitol Theatre | Yakima, WA

10.21.2018    Aladdin Theater | Portland, OR    3PM    8PM

10.22.2018    McDonald Theatre | Eugene, OR

10.23.2018    Rogue Theatre | Grants Pass, OR

10.24.2018    Cargo @ Whitney Peak Hotel | Reno, NV

10.25.2018    Herbst Theatre | San Francisco, CA

10.26.2018    Crest Theatre | Sacramento, CA

10.27.2018    Rio Theatre | Santa Cruz, CA

10.28.2018    Visalia Fox Theater | Visalia, CA

10.29.2018    Fremont Theater | San Luis Obispo, CA

10.30.2018    City National Grove | Anaheim, CA

11.28.2018    TivoliVredenberg Grote Zaal  |  Utrecht, Netherlands

11.29.2018    Christuskirche  |  Bochum, Germany

11.30.2018    Schouwburg Kortrijk  |  Kortrijk, Belgium

12.1.2018     Arenberg  |  Antwerpen, Belgium

12.3.2018    Rival  |  Stockholm, Sweden

12.4.2018    Parkteatret  |  Oslo, Norway

12.6.2018    Kulttuuritalo (House of Culture)  |  Helsinki, Finland

12.7.201    DR Koncerthuset (Studio 2 DR Concert House)  |  Copenhagen, Denmark

12.9.2018    Muffathalle  |  München, Germany

12.10.2018    Schlachthof  |  Wiesbaden, Germany

12.12.2018    Im Wizemann  |  Stuttgart, Germany

12.13.2018    Kampnagel  |  Hamburg, Germany

12.15.2018    Gartenbaukino  |  Vienna, Austria

12.17.2018    Moscow Hall  |  Moscow, Russia

12.19.2018    Caribbean Club  |  Kiev, Ukraine



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