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About this week’s artist:

Originally from Panama City, Panama, David Gomez is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, specializing in woodwind, percussion, and guitar. He has toured the world with bands such as the Allman Family Revival, Devon Allman Project, and Tonina. Most recently, David shared the stage and toured with Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr., Devon Allman, Duane Betts, Denise Thimes, Larry McCray, Donovan Frankenreiter, Tal Wilkenfeld, JD Simo, G-Love, and Samantha Fish. David has performed his show “Una Noche En Panama” at Jazz St. Louis twice to sold out audiences. He is the co-writer with Tonina on singles such as “Ruben,” “Serpiente 1 y 2,” “Papaya,” and “Esperanza.”

What brought you to this point in your life as a working St. Louis artist?

Hard work and nonstop improvement of my craft as an artist. There’s always something new I want to learn or something I find in my playing that needs to be perfected. Constant growth has brought me here.

What inspires your music?

I find inspiration in my day by day. Everyone who I meet or anything that I hear becomes a potential idea for a new song. It’s something that never really stops. I have come up with songs in the middle of a hang in a different city. It’s not uncommon for someone to see me record a melody on my phone at any given time.

Who in St. Louis are you inspired by right now?

Anyone who is trying raise the bar in arts in this city.

What bands are you performing with lately?

I perform with The Devon Allman Project, The Allman Family Revival, and Denise Thimes.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I see myself performing a lot more under my name when I am not on the road with these other bands.


“Una Noche en Panama” at Jazz St. Louis | Spotify | Bandcamp | Instagram

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