Live from the Boom Room will return for season 3 on 12.05.22

Every Monday for the past 25 weeks, St. Louis filmmaker Brian McClelland’s Blip Blap Video has been bringing you the best music St. Louis has to offer. Season 2 of the local live music series featured performances by the likes of Jimmy Griffin, Steve Ewing, The Burney Sisters, iLLPHONiCS, Brothers Lazaroff, Emily Wallace, Opera Bell Band, Tommy Halloran, The Gaslight Squares, and many more, while the 25 episodes that made up season 1 included ClownvisBeth BombaraBruiser Queen, and the So Grand Polka BandChan Maurice Evans’ heartfelt episode has garnered over 106,000 views so far.

After a brief break for the month of November, Live from the Boom Room will return on December 5th. The third season will feature performances by Kip and JJ Loui, Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Goldberry, Desi Darling (a.k.a. Sean Kimble), Amber Skies, Riley B, Cree Rider, Anita Jackson and Will Buchanan, Vanilla Beans, LG Brown, Laka, Stringz EMB, Neil C. Luke, Samantha Clemons, Todd Sarvies, and Laren Loveless, and many more. Tune in for a new video from the series every Monday, starting in December!

Live from the Boom Room started in October 2021 after McClelland was inspired to create a small-scale video performance platform, free of charge to artists, providing a diverse and genre-busting showcase of musical performing artists in the St. Louis region. The show is a one-man production, entirely produced in McClelland’s South City basement rehearsal/karaoke “Boom Room.” Seasons 2 and 3 of Live from the Boom Room were partially funded by a generous grant from the Regional Arts Commission, and McClelland also accepts donations at to help keep Live from the Boom Room an absolutely free service for the contributing musicians.

Check out seasons 1 and 2 of Live from the Boom Room here.

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