Patton Oswalt | 04.26.19, The Family Arena

I had an interview with Patton Oswalt to talk about his upcoming show at the Family Arena (2002 Arena Pkwy, St. Charles). Due to an ongoing, decades-long crush on and admiration for him, however, this interview turned into the journalistic equivalent of pushing him down on the playground and running away. I got really nervous, asked about three questions and then said, “Ok thanks! Have a great day”.  And then I crawled under my desk and died. I’m writing this from the Beyond.

LUCKILY, my microphone wasn’t working, so I never have to hear the 4 minutes and 56 seconds of cringe filled, painful embarrassment.

Why was I so shaken? I mean, I’ve interviewed John Waters, for Christ’s sake.

I think it’s the same reason he’s so successful. He’s authentic, smart, kind and funny. These characteristics follow him throughout his career as a comedian, an author, and an actor.  In his standup, he addresses everything from Star Wars to politics in such a way that even the most sensitive subjects are accessible enough that you feel okay laughing with him. He is an excellent storyteller, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

You can currently see Patton Oswalt on AP Bio, Veronica Mars, Happy!, and Veep. The Emmy and Grammy Award-winning performer will be on tour this summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the show without fainting. Fingers crossed. | Melissa Cynova

Tour dates:

04.26.19               St. Charles, MO                 The Family Arena

04.27.19               Cincinnati, OH                   Taft Theatre

04.28.19               Columbus, OH                   Ohio Theatre

05.05.19               Los Angeles, CA                                Largo at the Coronet

05.17.19               Waukegan, IL                     Genessee Theatre

05.18.19               Detroit, MI                          The Fillmore

05.30.19               San Antonio, TX                                The Tobin Center for Performing Arts

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