Theresa Caputo | 06.26.18, The Fabulous Fox Theatre

It’s really easy to make fun of psychics and channelers. I know, because I’ve done it before. When I told people that I was going to see Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium,” I got snickers and rolled eyes from my friends. I’d interviewed Caputo a few weeks earlier, and she was nice, down to earth, and funny. She had a great attitude about people who don’t believe in what she does, so I figured if she doesn’t care, neither would I.

The Fox Theatre was completely packed. The audience was all age ranges and mostly women. There were quite a few older couples sitting quietly together. The show began with some clips from her popular TLC show, the national anthem played, and then she walked out to roaring applause. The first thing she did was ask if there were any service men and women in the audience and asked them to stand to be appreciated. She then told us that all of the money for all of the shows on this tour went right back to the fan club, and some members would get surprise checks for Christmas this year. She said that the rest of the proceeds would benefit charities near her home in Long Island.

Then she got to work. She was wearing a full leg brace due to an injury, but walked quickly through the aisles to do her readings. Each one was a hit. She talked to mothers and fathers who lost their children, siblings who lost their brothers and sisters. With each one, she talked about who they lost, how they were doing, and what they wanted their loved one to know. With each one, the person she connected with cried, then breathed heavily and seemed to feel better.

I was there with my sister, who lost her one-month-old son years ago. I know that she carries that with her, so I asked if she was hoping for a reading. She said no. She just wanted to see other people feel better, knowing their departed family were doing ok. She said that if she saw that, she’d know her son was ok.

I’m not sure how Theresa Caputo does what she does. I only know that she made a lot of people feel better that night, and I have no problems with that. | Melissa Cynova

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