Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2018

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to 2019! The Arts STL’s first full year in operation saw a whopping 224 articles published. These were the ones that caught the most readers’ eyes:

  1. Local musician Todd Sarvies debuted the video for his new single, “Flatline.”
  2. Our most-read movie review is Film Editor Sarah Boslaugh’s takedown of the true story heist movie American Animals.
  3. Need some cosplay photos in your life? Then check out Jennifer Manjarez’s report from Wizard World St. Louis, with a photo gallery courtesy of our Karl Beck.
  4. Sarah Boslaugh offers up her list of ten notable feature films released this year.
  5. Melissa Cynova caught up with St. Louis-based novelist Laurell K Hamilton to discuss her latest novel, the 26th in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.
  6. Seems like everybody loves negative movie reviews, because lots of readers checked out Sarah Boslaugh’s harsh take on Scott Cooper’s Western Hostiles.
  7. Nic Champion offered up his take on Bad Grandmas—and got to interview star Pam Grier! (These articles are both from 2017, but still had enough views this year to make the list.)
  8. Melissa Cynova checked out folk singer Dar Williams’ stop at Delmar Hall, and Joe Johnson was there to capture some pics as well.
  9. Jennifer Manjarez had a chat with actor Sean Astin on life on the comic con circuit and his recent role in Stranger Things.
  10. And a late entry to the list, Sarah Boslaugh’s review of Adam McKay’s divisive new Dick Cheney flick, Vice.

What a year that was! Plenty of good reading to be had in that list. Huge thanks, as always, to our stable of writers and, of course, to you, our readers, for checking us out! | Jason Green

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