Comics Preview: The Amoral Stingray (2nd Thought Comics)

The Arts STL is honored to showcase a preview of this new graphic novel by Collinsville-based writer Aaron Walther and artists Kevin Bandt, Chris McJunkin, and Alex Harner. Full disclosure: The Arts STL editor-in-chief Jason Green has worked with Walther as editor on his “Robot Pulp” series of sci-fi novellas.

Duncan Daniels is a mild-mannered teenager whose entire life was uprooted after moving to the big city to live with his grandma. School bullies have targeted him, teachers harass him, and he struggles to fit in with his new nerdy friends. When a freak accident gives him amazing powers, he thinks he finally has the strength to take control of his life. Driven by frustration and anger, he finds himself thrown into the world of super crime and becomes the target of even bigger bullies…vigilante superheroes!

The Amoral Stingray is a complete 122-page full color graphic novel about the origin of a would-be supervillain. It provides a comical twist on a typical superhero origin, except in this story the young superpowered protagonist has no fun-loving uncle or lifelong butler to provide positive guidance. Instead, he finds a mentor in the form of a low-level supervillain who may not have his best interests at heart.

Read the first 22 pages at and support the full graphic novel on Kickstarter right now.

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