Live from the Boom Room | Rabbi James Stone Goodman

Welcome to SEASON THREE of Live from the Boom Room! Our 51st episode is a special Hanukkah episode featuring Rabbi James Stone Goodman performing “Hodu (Grateful) Psalms 105 & 110” with accompaniment from Rabbi Susan Talve and Brothers Lazaroff.

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About this week’s artist: Rabbi James Stone Goodman is a writer and a musician, playing guitar, oud, percussion, and other instruments of the Middle East. He has recorded music, story, and poetry in a number of collaborative formats.

He performs with several musical groups, all of which feature original materials based on traditional themes, integrating literary forms in a performance art musical form.

In his day job, he serves as a rabbi in St. Louis. His special field of expertise is the Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. He also works in addictions, incarceration, and mental health.

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